Whitehaven Wines are thrilled to be supporting the Rickshaw Run the length of India.  Help us to support this team in raising funds for their two charities, by donating to their page at https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/teamcametow 

In a moment of stupidity or drunken bravery two kiwi's and a Brit have made the decision to drive a glorified lawnmower resembling a sewing machine on wheels the length of India. The intrepid 3,500km journey of the Rickshaw Run will commence in Kochin (South India) in August and finish (if we make it) in Jaisalmer at the top as Team Camel Tow.

The Rickshaw Run is pan Indian rally raising money for charities on a three-wheeled motorized rickshaw running at a astonishing seven horsepower. There is no set route, no back-up, no support and no way of knowing if the team are going to make it. 

The team has minimal mechanical knowledge so the only certainties are that they will get lost, they will get stuck and they will break down! It’s not just bad roads and bad vehicles which make the Rickshaw Run ridiculous, there is also the traffic to contend with, there are 70 million vehicles in India and we all know how chaotic traffic is. Oh and there are also the 45 million cows and 30,000 elephants and hopefully at least one tiger as its all the Brit has talked about for the last three months. 

Every team entered into the race must raise a minimum of 1,000GBP half of which goes to Cool Earth, an environmental charity that works in partnership with indigenous communities.  Climate change is something that will affect us all in the coming future and we believe that anything we can do to minimalize its impact while supporting the communities that rely on the existence of these forests is incredibly important. (This charity is supported by the Adventurists operating the Rickshaw Run).  The other half of the funds that they raise will go to the Cancer Society in Marlborough.

So who is this mad crew?!

The Crew:

Deni - 24, Kiwi Girl.  Likes clean toilets, getting her nails done and an occasional nice glass of wine. Does not like spicy food or pretty much anything that we will eat on this trip.  Still don’t quite understand why she wants to do this trip at all.  From Marlborough lived in London and now Dubai so no experience of roughing it at all. Geographical knowledge is limited as thought Qatar was in Africa. Useful rating 0. 

Aneel - Spends his life driving f’ing superyachts. Once again no idea how that relates and probably of no use however think he can fix stuff and is quite chilled. Hoping he can navigate by stars but probably a long shot. Useful rating 5.  

Will -  Highly educated and more useful than a swiss army knife. Useful rating 11.

There’ll be plenty of challenges heading our way and we have no doubt we will be cursing ourselves for coming up with this crazy idea in the first place — but this is surely going to be one hell of an adventure AND it’s all for a good cause!