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Whitehaven’s purchase of ‘The Springs’, a property approximately 10km north of the Wairau Valley Township, is an exciting demonstration of Whitehaven’s commitment to native regeneration and ecological stewardship. The site is home to unique and important habitats which Whitehaven will invest significant time and money to protect, regenerate and enhance. Planning is underway, and already Whitehaven can demonstrate tangible and measurable actions taken to support sustainability in all four of our challenge areas; Climate, Water, Biodiversity, and Community. What we are hoping to protect and restore:

This site represents examples of some of Marlborough’s most important habitats including 500ha of hill country, with 150ha to be retired in coming years for regeneration, 10ha of wetland and 15.5ha of riparian margins.

The property is also an ‘afforestation flow sensitive’ site meaning that water coming from this land is considered important in supplying Marlborough’s Wairau aquifer and river.

Two significant natural areas have been identified on the site; an inland saline wetland which is unique to any other site in New Zealand, and an area of established forest of Akiraho and Broadleaf.

What we hope to achieve:

A significant number of plants will be required for this restoration project. Seeds will be eco-sourced locally by Whitehaven staff, and propagated by a local charitable trust that employs staff with special needs, and then transferred to Whitehaven’s own nursery before being planted.

Whitehaven will also make the site available to the community for hiking, picnicking, and mountain bike riding on the lower hills.

Whitehaven will restore and protect all riparian margins and wetlands on the site.

Annual plantings will create an ecosystem that supports regeneration, encouraging native corridors and natural reforestation.

In time, with appropriate planting and stock management, water on site will be drinkable against New Zealand drinking water standards.

The property will also be registered in the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). Once established, the forest has the potential to sequester 6-8,000t of carbon annually.

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