Whitehaven places great importance on community and on sustainability, and we are passionate about causes that support the protection of New Zealand’s natural resources.

Enter LegaSea, a not for profit organisation campaigning to protect and preserve New Zealand’s inshore fisheries.  When the opportunity arose to support the LegaSea cause Whitehaven jumped at the chance, and before too long we were wanting to see our involvement create a greater difference. So, in 2019 Whitehaven became a proud Platinum partner to the LegaSea cause.

The Kōparepare range of wines are produced and bottled by Whitehaven as a means of directly supporting LegaSea and, for every bottle sold, a donation of at least $1 is made to the cause.  In 2019 Whitehaven has kick started things with a $25,000 contribution (our minimum contribution for the next three years).   Over time and as sales grow our contribution will increase.

Kōparepare (pronounced kaw-pardy-pardy) is Maori for gift or contribution…and this is our gift to future generations, our contribution to protecting New Zealand’s inshore fisheries. 

Enjoying these wines also enables you to celebrate and embrace this partnership and, in the process, add your contribution to its success.

View our Kōparepare range here.