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Whitehaven is...

Currently eco-sourcing native seeds (the process of collecting seeds from areas close to where they will be planted - meaning that plants will be suited to local conditions and more likely to survive). By using eco-sourced native plants we are also helping to maintain the unique local characteristics of The Springs location.

Partnering with The Selmes Garden Trust to propagate the seeds for planting. Selmes is a Community Trust set up to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities within the Marlborough region.

Producing and planting 20,000 eco-sourced natives annually. The first 10,000 seeds have been propagated, and will be planted in 2024.

Dedicating 600ha of company land for restoration.

Actively turning vineyards back to healthy, balanced eco-systems.

Continuing to graze livestock to help reduce mowing, and cycle nutrients through the soil.

Applying interrow planting to help increase biodiversity, improve soil health, and attract beneficial insects. At least 60% of Whitehaven's vineyard land is sown with interrow crops, and the appropriate mix of crops is being developed for the remaining vineyard land.

Investing in undervine mechanical weed removal techniques, at some of its vineyard sites, to reduce herbicide use and limit soil disturbance.

Using lighter glass. All Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc is now in 459g bottles (and 417g for SAQ, Canada). The previous bottle was 560g, that's a saving of 12% and 25% respectively.

Using recycled cardboard cartons for the Kōparepare wine label, while its labels are made from recycled sugar cane by-products.